Last Wednesday I did what I hoped to never do in my classroom.
Thankfully most of my sweet children were asleep during the return of the mini corn dogs.
The directer, family coordinator, and another teacher rushed in to rescue me and then sent me straight home.
To which I immediately called Josh, inaudible crying, he somehow knew that he needed to come pick me up because I ruined the trash can. 
The remainder of Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday looked like this:
Sleep, Urgent Care, IV, blood drawn, pee in this cup with an IV, “You’re killing that bag.” was a phrase that came out of my husband’s mouth at one time – referring to the half liter of fluids that I was lying there receiving.  He was the most supportive, peaceful, wonderful friend to have in that room with me. More sleep, “You must drink all of this Gatorade.”, sleep, sleep, sleep.
Somewhere around Boy Meets World and The Middle, Friday evening I could eat a saltine and not taste it again.  Which was a celebration in the Morris household.
You think you really love someone through all the fun and normal times and then you’re sick.
And you love them even more because it’s disgusting and scary and you just want to hug them.
Anyways, all that to state the reason for this post being a two-for-one.
The first weekend in June we drove down to my parents and were joined by my sister and her husband.
One night I even convinced them to play Monopoly.
Monopoly is my favorite once-in-five-years game.
It’s fun.
One time.
Then five years later I get the craving to play it again.

The past month we had been formulating a plan to surprise my Dad with a few additional lunch guests on Sunday for his 50th birthday.
It was so sweet to see friends and relatives all in one place to celebrate this one amazing man.
After lunch and an afternoon nap/movie watching we packed up and headed home.
Then this weekend {after all the sickness} my parents came up north to visit.
They treated us to dinner Saturday night for both Josh and I’s birthday this month.
It was a rustic and delicious restaurant with the gorgeous natural setting of the Ozark’s.
We had the most perfect window seat overlooking the sunset over the water.
It was magnificent – the food, the company, the view.

Sunday morning we went to church then afterwards mom made a delicious meal for us and a few friends.
I learn so much from my mom’s hospitality.
She is always thinking about how she can be helping someone else.
And she is an amazing cook.
Later that evening we went to a Springfield Cardinal’s game – a minor league baseball team with the world’s greatest nachos piled high with jalepenos.
Needless to say, it was another great evening of good talks, cheering on the home team, and good food.
Even with a little bit of rain.

I love those two so very much.

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