My childhood friend is getting married this summer.
I know it’s “that time” in my life.
Marriage, babies, careers, etc.
So I shouldn’t be as shocked.
But seriously, it’s straight up weird when friends start getting married, having babes, and earning a salary.
We should be jumping on trampolines and crimping our hair.
But with all my resistance, here they are, getting married.
Which means co-hosting a sweet shower for a beautiful friend with another beautiful friend {who’s also getting married…}

The mother of the bride and the mother of the groom taking a selfie.

I’m pretty much against wedding shower games but these Wed-Libs on how the couple met and a memory guessing game turned out to be full of laughs and tears.  Each guest wrote down a memory of the bride to be and omitted their name.  Farren read them out loud and then tried to guess its author.  A reoccurring theme in these stories was how Farren just walked up to someone who was sitting alone, introduced herself, and then they became friends – even the oldest friends had the same story.  She has such a genuine heart and loves being around people.

And a bonus for me – my sweet momma was here.  
To have breakfast with, to help with the last minute details, and to leave us a yummy dinner in the refrigerator.
With a busy day yesterday, I’m thankful for Sunday.  To “sleep in” a little,  sit under solid teaching and worship together with an amazing church, and to just get caught up on life – like sub plans for the little classroom, writing out the budget, and planning a Seattle adventure in only a couple weeks.



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