This weekend felt like pushing the restart button.
I like to “go, go, go” but after all that going I love having nothing to do all weekend.
Especially when these allergies have been kicking my booty.
I was able to just clean a little, organize my lesson plans, and even take a long nap.
Allergies = not restful sleep.
Friday night my sweet husband took me out on a little date.
I am a huge fan of Chile’s chips and salsa.
I could eat, and did eat, just that for dinner.
I love being around good friends {and we’ve been meeting a lot of new ones lately – which is exciting!} but it was such a joy to have the boy to myself for dinner.
We also went to the bookstore which just so happens to be this man’s new workplace.
That’s right, no more residential home for this guy.
{And this wife is so happy about that.  Less stress on the husband and home earlier.  Woop woop.}
We also may have taken a stroll through Target.
Saturday J had to work on a long philosophy paper.
All day.
And part of Sunday.
This upcoming week is his final week then it’s summer time for the boy.
We ventured from the couch to Starbucks for a few hours.
Luckily the boy bought a new book for me to read and I made it about halfway while he was working on his paper.
We made it back home and I started on the cleaning and dinner – all while he trucked through his paper.
As the sun was setting we took a walk to the grocery store to buy treats.
{Graham crackers and chocolate for s’mores.}
Sunday was Bible study and Church, a three hour nap while J worked on his paper, then bowling with a few friends from Hope & Anchor.
Thanking the Lord for a quiet and restful weekend.



  1. K seriously. Having to do anything on the weekend makes me furious. That's the only time in my life I get to do what I want to do! Also, Chili's chips and salsa? AMAZING! And allergies. Feeling you there.


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