I stayed late today.  Left early yesterday because I was pretty sure I had pink eye.  Thankfully it’s just nasty allergies.  I swear, I’ve never had allergies this bad in my life.  The coughing, nose-blowing, throat tickling, voice-losing, and now itchy, red eyes.  All that side-tracking to say I had a lot to get done at work today to be prepared for next week.
So here I was, late at work after a long, tiring week.
I had packed up my bags, clocked out then headed for the door.
One of my parents was pulling up and walking in as I was leaving.
She called my name and here was my thought, “Oh great, what am I doing wrong now?”
She’s not even one of those “needy” parents.
She’s great.
Her kid is great.
But I was on a fast track outta there.
And here she was, in my way.
But instead of criticism, she brought encouragement.
She simply said those words, “Thank you.” and mentioned how much affection her son had for me and how much he was growing developmentally.
I just about cried.
I am so thankful she intentionally took that specific moment to speak life into my weariness.
And it was a blunt reminder for me to do the same to my co-workers, kids, parents, and friends.

2 thoughts on “ENCOURAGING WORDS

  1. How sweet is this? This past week has been kinda crazy (to say the least, haha) so I can definitely imagine what a sweet, sweet surprise it must have been to hear those words from a parent. You're doing a great job, Rachel! 🙂


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