We spent this past weekend at J’s parent’s.
All eight of us – J’s brother & his family, his sister, and friend Jeff.
It was a house packed with family and laughter.
Where the boys played a whole lot of disc golf.
We all ate a whole lot of good food.
Squeezed Lockland and Lila Mae a lot.
And then spent Sunday celebrating the risen Christ at J’s Dad’s church.

Getting to see our niece and nephew for two weekends in a row was priceless. 
They’re the cutest and always full of smiles.

Weekends like these always pass too quickly.
And then we’re thrown into the work week again.
Blogging has been set on the back burner during this crazy month.
And to be honest, it only gets crazier from here.
I’ve always been a “post when inspired” kind of person.
And I don’t see it changing from that.
{Just in case you wanted to know my blogging style…}
How was your Easter, friends?


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