Thinking about one favorite song from this beautiful lady is impossible.
Each track radiating truth from Scripture, speaking life into my morning routine and commute.
I’ve never been one for buying albums – either picking and choosing songs because I’m stingy or just playing a Pandora station.
But this, this I had to have.
Ok honestly, didn’t buy it.
I played it incessantly online until the Josh Morris bought it and put it on my phone. 
It’s been playing ever since.
I am not who I once was
defined by all the things I’ve done
Afraid my shame would be exposed
afraid of really being known
but then you gave my heart a home

So I walked out of the darkness and into the light, 
from fear of shame into the hope of life
Mercy called my name and made a way to fly
out of the darkness and into the light.

Oh! And this song by her husband was played at our wedding.
Which I found from Googling the lyrics after seeing the How I Met Your Mother episode.
Which is also when I fell in love with her music.
Because, ya know, she’s in his band.



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