There’s something innate in “artists”.
Some little thing that God has put in them that makes putting the brush to the paper as simple as flipping the light switch.
I can honestly say that creativity does not come easy for me.
This isn’t to say that I don’t think I am a creative person.
I’m made in the image of the Creator.
There’s got to be a little bit of creativity in me.
It just means it takes a lot of thought and a lot of “dumb luck” to get a good shot or to paint those stinking flowers.
But my goodness it’s fun.
It hasn’t always been fun.
I was the kid that got Cs in art class.
Mostly because I would get so behind on projects – aiming for the myth of perfection.
Recently I’ve been realizing that my finished products don’t have to be the best, perfect, or even good.
And that is so freeing.
I’m not a professional.
My goal isn’t to be a successful painter, photographer, or interior designer.
My Etsy shop is not coming soon.
But my goal is to enjoy beautiful things.
To consciously look for beauty in the everyday.
To try something new.
To appreciate and enjoy the talents that God has given everyone instead of being bitter or jealous about them.
And to live a life that isn’t torn down by being the best or perfect.


8 thoughts on “ON BEING A "CREATIVE"

  1. God made us all different and i think it's beautiful that you yet to let yourself “try” to be creative. but who's to say your not? maybe your etsy shop isn't coming out and you don't aspire to be a professional photographer 😉 but blogging is creative. writing is. and i think you're great at it. xo


  2. “But my goal is to enjoy beautiful things.
    To consciously look for beauty in the everyday.
    To try something new.”

    Um, yes. Amen. Agreed. I concur, or however say it. When you get over the bitterness or jealousy or self-doubt or fear of failure, it's liberating! And you can actually have fun with your creativity. That's when it become therapy, no longer a competition. This is so true. Love your pictures and I can't wait to see what you create, if you decide to share.


  3. Love these thoughts! Practically my whole family on my mom's side is creative. Whether it's crafts, backing, culinary, painting, sewing, woodworking, you name it, they do it! I love to draw (pencil and charcoal are my favorites) and dabble in photography. My mom is a fantastic painter (as was my grandpa who we all got it from). I would love to start painting more and dabbing into it. Not because I want to be well-known or open a shop, but because it is relaxing and freeing. I think that is why most of my family dives into their creativity. They just love it. This really long comment to say: I love the post and your pictures of the watercolors reminds me that that is what I've been wanting to try! 🙂


  4. can't wait to see this etsy shop!
    and i'm impressed you're doing watercolor, that is such a hard medium to master…and i want to! i work mostly with acrlyic but it has been way too long since i've picked up a brush! definitely inspiring me!


  5. Yes, yes, yes, to your thoughts on embracing the creativity part of being made in the image of the Creator. Perfectionism can drive out so much joy, beauty, and potential from our lives. I'm so glad you're not letting it.


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