This weekend we had the pleasure of watching the most amazing kid.
She’s a two-year-old hilarious genius who may have convinced the Josh Morris that kids aren’t all that bad.
Pretty “funny” actually.
{Exact quote from Josh Morris.}
I’ve been spending time with Baby E for about a year and a half – all the way back when she was a lil chunky baby.
Now she’s talking like crazy and just has the most enjoyable personality.
Saturday we had a day of “adventures”.
The farmer’s market, book store, lemonades, naps, the zoo, and Despicable Me.
{Or “Pickle Me” as she calls it.}
I love that Josh was able to spend the morning with us.
That boy was a natural with the stroller.
And Baby E just couldn’t stop smiling at him.

I lent my all time favorite book out a while ago and decided I’m probably not getting it back (which is ok by me because – it’s that good).
While at the bookstore J snatched this for me (and a Veggie Tales for E).
I was able to read a little while the babe napped and it was so refreshing!
This book man.
So good.
Get your pens out and start reading.

My goodness it’s the weirdest thing.
Like looking into the future right here.

Sorry for the tush picture, but isn’t it just gorgeous?
The front view was too full of sunlight but I love how the peacocks were just roaming around.

“Catch me Rachel!”
It was such a good weekend.
Including church the next day, lunch with good friends, and a restful day at home to clean the place and get ready for this upcoming week.
April is a busy month for the Morrises.
But full of family and adventures!
Which, ya know, we kinda like.
How was your weekend, friends?



  1. Looks like a splendid weekend to me! It's different when I'm in the classroom, but whenever I babysit little kids I feel like I'm getting a glimpse into my future, too. But I bet it's even more so doing that sort of thing with Josh! I'm glad you got to spend it together, and with a cute kiddo. 🙂 Isn't seeing guys with kids the cutest thing ever?


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