The morning light in this place is perfection.
Making waking up a little easier.
That plus the fact that the work commute has been cut in half.
Drinking a cup, listening to this lady, reading a little Psalms, and even getting to work a little earlier to not be as rushed when I walk in the door.
I am by no means a morning person.
But it’s incredible the difference it makes in a day.
Which makes it work the ten minutes less of sleep I get.


4 thoughts on “MORNING LIGHT

  1. What?! How have I never heard of her before? Listening to the first track from the link you posted….amazing! Christian music with an indie folk flare is definitely my cup of tea. Hope my morning is as grand as yours tomorrow.


  2. I wish this weren't so true. Early starts make such a difference.

    I keep telling myself I'm going to wake up early, just ten minutes earlier, to read scriptures and pray. Because I know it would change my day. Well, maybe this post will help motivate me.

    Glad you're loving your new place 🙂


  3. For the most part, I am a morning person but in order for me to be one, I almost have to stage it like this photo. haha. I have to open up the blinds so I can see everyone on their way to work and see the sprinklers on. I have to get my cup of coffee ready and grab a blanket. ahhhh, love those mornings. Unfortunately they aren't ALL like that, but when they are it sure does help! By the way, I just found your blog today! So glad I did. I followed you on GFC and bloglovin 🙂 excited to read more posts!


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