Well, it’s official.
We are out of Boyd 17 and into our new home.
Josh Morris is a moving genius.
After work on Friday we basically had one load to take over then we were even able to go out to a movie with friends.
He’s a Haas.
Saturday J’s parents came up and helped us clean out ol’ Boyd.
It was a huge help and made the process go by lickity split.
Which meant it was time to unpack the boxes.
All of the boxes.
We went out for lunch.
This place again.
Burgers, pasta, in a tiny restaurant where the fridges hang out next to the tables.
 I mean, what else could ya want?
It was so good.
And prepared us for an afternoon of more unpacking.
My parents met up with us at lunch as J’s parents headed out.
They hauled in a beautiful, gifted kitchen table, a thrifty new end table, and a rocking chair.
Parents, man, they’re the best.

After unpacking and doing a little bit of settling, Mom made us a homemade dinner – something we’ve been skimping on with this chaotic week.
It was just what we needed.
And so enjoyed around our new table.

Mom and Dad were on the couch and I just couldn’t help but re-capture this moment.
The first move and the second.
Josh and I are so very thankful for two sets of amazing parents.
That drive from miles away, giving their time, money, energy to help us move.
Sunday was certainly our day of rest.
We went to church, ate wings and leftovers, purchased some new apartment supplies, and then we were welcomed to the “neighborhood” by two very special people.

I think we’re going to like it here.


2 thoughts on “WEEKENDERS | MOVING DAY

  1. what a blessing. I've always heard “you find out who really loves you when it comes time to move!” haha. I am really beginning to think it's true! haha. It can be so stinkin hard and stressful but when there's help and love, it comes together nicely! can't wait to see the new place!


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