In the little classroom ten preschoolers walk in a line.
They move their pictures from “home” to “school” then wash their tiny hands.
They report to their teacher, “I want to go to Blocks.” or “Can I go to Play-Doh?”
We play.
Teacher records – who’s here and who’s not.
“Breakfast time!” the cook exclaims as she brings our tray into the room.
Like clockwork, the children begin to pick up their toys.
They know the drill, it’s breakfast time!
“Biscuits and gravy?” they ask.
It is Thursday after all.
We place, we scoop, we pass, we spill.
You know what they say, “Don’t cry over spilled milk.”
We say, “Can I be excused?”
“Drink your milk, please. Make those bones strong!”
“Now?” says a curious smile.
They scrape, teacher cleans.
We read, we dance.
We play, play, play.
Play outside, play inside.
Play rough, play silly.
Play ABCs and 123s.
Until there can be no more playing because it’s time for lunch.
“Yum, yum, yuck.”
As chicken, pineapple, and broccoli is passed.
You know the drill…
Scrape your plate.
Go to the bathroom.
“Just try.”
Quiet children, sleeping children, soft music playing.
Making the chaos of the morning disappear.
Teacher breathes a sigh of relief as the last child drifts off into slumber.
Time to plan.
Time to make notes to parents.
Time to relax.
Then all of a sudden it’s time to wake up.
One by one they arise from their tiny beds.
And we start again.
Start passing our animal crackers and milk.
Start reading our books.
Start writing our names on the windows.
Start saying, “Is it time to go outside yet?”
Both by teachers and by kiddos.
We read a Bible story, sometimes illustrated by a silly teacher.
And then, before the teacher knows it, it’s 4:30 already.
Time to wave a goodbye on the playground.
And say, “See you tomorrow!”
Time to make the drive home.
And fall into the couch.
Time to share stories with the husband.
And snuggle while watching Hulu.
Until we can’t keep our eyes open.
So we lay our heads on the pillows.
And before you know it, 
it’s tomorrow.
I love life in the little classroom.
And each day, as trying as it might be, I am thankful to be the ten preschoolers’ teacher.


  1. I loved getting a glimpse of your classroom schedule! I've never really thought about talking about it on the blog but I love it! You seriously have the best teacher-related posts ever. 🙂

    p.s. I also am kind of super jealous of your meals! Biscuits and Gravy for lunch? That's amazing!


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