Any weekend that starts off with a burger and fries from this place is guaranteed to be a good one.
Saturdays have been a great way to savor some alone time.  
Something I’m not very good at.
I don’t mind being alone if I can watch TV.
But actually going somewhere alone and just hanging out is a work in progress.
This weekend was the perfect time to venture out and enjoy the little bit of sunshine we had.
 I started a wonderful new book, A Framework for Understanding Poverty by Dr. Ruby Payne and read on the patio at Chipotle in the company of chips, guac, and blackberry Izze.
One of my goals for 2014 is to read 7 education-related books and so far this is #2.
After reading, my friend Emily came by and we headed out for Barnes & Noble, popcorn, the park, and Target.
I’ve loved seeing her twice in the past two weeks and just talking life with her.
Then the snow came.
Which makes Josh Morris feel like this:
I concur.
Other than venturing out to church, the library, and to drive by some apartments we’re looking at tomorrow we’ve just been hanging around the house.
I made a little fruit dip and ended up mostly just eating the dip from a spoon.
It’s life I suppose.
This is Josh Morris trying to convince me he needs this bike.
What happened to cheap-o used bikes?
Ours were jacked last fall so we would like new ones but without spending a fortune.
Ok, Josh could spend a fortune.
But I’d like to, ya know, eat this month.



  1. So I'm going to be a total teaching nerd and ask you about these seven books you want to read this year–would you mind sharing your list? Are they anecdotes or are they philosophy books? I'd love to hear any recommendations!

    And a trip to a bookstore, park, AND Target in one day? That sounds perfect to me! Seriously, you have some amazing weekends, my friend. 🙂


  2. Just throwing this out there, but there is a fixie road bike in my kitchen that would love a new home. Zach really wants a mountain bike now but is having a hard time selling it in KC. 🙂


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