We’ve been living in an igloo for years it seems like.
But today was a brilliant 70 degrees.
I busted open the classroom windows and took a big sniff of that springtime air.
There’s something about that first springlike day in the midst of the gloomy winter ones.
It’s a call for celebration.
A, “We’re staying outside all day kiddos!”, kind of day.
After work we met a friend for some disc golf, then more friends for coffee and studying.
Good thing my kind of studying is the blogging and book reading kind.

4 thoughts on “LET’S CELEBRATE.

  1. I completely agree! The weather over here has been nice and sunny (albeit chillier than your seventy degrees!) and it's definitely perked up the classroom and the kiddos, too. So excited for warmer weather (but not the bugs or the sweaty kids and hot classrooms!) and the springtime flowers, too!

    p.s. Your version of studying is definitely the best kind of studying out there–I've been enjoying the same kinds of studies lately!


  2. I'm still waiting on that spring day!! We had one 40 degree day so the snow was melting a bit, but that wasn't quite enough for me to feel totally springlike.


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