This weekend was a long one.
J picked up several shifts at work.
Because spring break to that guy = more work.
Saturday was spent with its normal errands – groceries, crafting, new pants. 
The usual.
Then my sweet friend Emily came over and we talked till late at night.
I have missed seeing her and was so thankful that we were able to catch up a little.
Saturday night and pretty much all day Sunday the snow and ice fell.
Enough already.
As soon as I saw the forecast and Josh’s schedule I knew he’d be staying there.
And I’d be staying here.
Which is no fun really.
I mean maybe it’s nice to have a little more space in the bed – but I’d still take him over that.
Sunday night I baked these amazing salted caramel apple hand pies {except I didn’t make the puff pastry dough – I had some regular pie crust in the freezer from Thanksgiving} while watching bits and pieces of the Oscars.
  And I ate the entire bag of caramels – except for the 2 that went into making the pies.
I just feel like my love for Kraft caramel squares should be known.
That same night I found out my school was cancelling which meant no work Monday.
And with no one to share the bed with…
that meant sleeping in till noon.
Which hasn’t happened in about…
 8 months.
A few chick-flicks later and that boy was pulling into the parking lot.
And now…
he naps.


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