If I’m being honest, 
which hopefully I am, 
I would tell you that last week was rough.
Those sweet kiddos wore me out.
We have some “strong personalities” in our little class of nine.
An occupational therapist observing our class last week brought me this close to crying right there in the classroom.
She was just what I needed.
Someone telling me that I’m not crazy.
Someone to thank me for being calm with the kids instead of being a meanie.
And that thinking this is hard isn’t wrong.
Because it is.
It’s hard.
It’s hard to get nine 4 and 5 year olds to eat their lunch and go to bed.
It’s hard to not blow my cool when kids whine, pout, yell, scream, kick, hit, punch, spit to get what they want.
But this week I made some changes.
I came in on Monday with more focus.
Less stress.
I woke up earlier to spend time in prayer and reading the Psalms.
Each day asking, begging the Lord for patience.
Just the recognition of me needing this grace from Him made all the difference in the world.
I’m coming home this Thursday evening refreshed instead of wanting to sleep for days.
I’m finally taking home these beautiful flowers my mom & dad sent me on my first day.
And thanks to professional development, today was my Friday.
Let the weekend begin.

3 thoughts on “THIS IS HARD.

  1. Oh, friend. How I can relate. If I'm honest, I've had my days when I almost question my choice in teaching. But then I'm reminded of how amazing teaching really is. I'm also fortunate to work some amazing + experienced teachers, too, which helps. But anyway, I get what you mean about times being hard because kids really can really push our buttons sometimes! But that's what sleep, weekends, and quiet time is for, right? Sometimes we just need a little refresher to change our attitudes. 🙂

    Here's to fresh starts, right? Hang in there girl, and if you ever want to talk teacher stuff with me, I'm always game! 🙂


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