I’m learning to embrace the weekends where J works.
We spend part of the day together then he drives off.
Leaving me to whatever my agenda might be.
Saturday morning we cracked the last egg in our refrigerator to make french toast then made a trip to our local library.  It’s becoming one of our favorite places to be.  And as a teacher, I’m loving the wide variety of “free” books.  And praying the children will not destroy them in the upcoming weeks.  We ran a few more errands, picked up some Chic-fil-a. A Morris favorite.  I decided to be “adventurous” and get something other than nuggets.  I was saddened to find the chicken tortilla soup more beans than anything else.  Bleh.  But the lemonade sure was delicious. As always.
While Josh was away I picked up groceries, made {another} trip to the library, and to the Hob Lob. Just to wander.
While driving out I decided to take the neighborhood route rather than the “expressway”.
It was a treat.
So many interesting houses, people, and sights.
Which leads to so many thoughts…
Thoughts for another day.
The weather has been just perfect lately – sunny and mild.
But I hear that’s about to change.
So we’re soaking it up while we can.
Plus, J says I type too loud.
So he’s banished me to the outdoors while he studies.
I don’t mind a bit.
How was your weekend? 
What’s your favorite thing to do without company?



  1. I have started roaming around the Hob Lob myself! Look at me! I like to walk around the mall, too. Things that I used to cringe when thinking about doing them alone, ya know?

    I love you. Thank you for your words.


  2. It's funny that you wrote about alone time, because I've been learning that I need to seek that time away from loved ones every now and then, too. 🙂

    And I also love that you drove the neighborhood way. I love looking at neighborhoods and seeing all of the different houses and just seeing how people live.

    Sounds like a great weekend! Two visits to the library sounds perfect to me, too. It really is nice to have free resources as a teacher, right? 🙂


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