My palms were sweaty, heart racing, and mind wondering.

Those first date feelings all over again.
We’ve lived in this city for three years now.
And have gone to the same wonderful church since day one.
Maybe making the occasional visit to another one Sunday.
But never as prospective members.
We had our place.
We had our acquaintances.
We knew how the show was run.
We knew where to sit.
And who would be there.
The teaching was incredible.
After getting married in June we started talking.
About lots of things.
One of those things being where we wanted to put our “roots” in terms of a community of Christians.
We loved our current church.
But also felt like something was missing.
First, let me explain.
Our city is big and wide.
Southside is clearly the “wealthier” side and Northside is, well, not.
Our church was South
Us on the North.
So, for the most part, wealthier adults and college students attend this church.
It boils down to this – we were feeling called, in a sense, to a more local church where we could worship and build relationships with our neighbors.
Where we could potentially know {and really know, not just know their name} every person.
Where we could use our talents to serve the church.
palm sweats.
Being new is hard for me.
Meeting people makes my voice shake.
And say silly things.
I thought it was easy for Josh.
And while it is easy for him, turns out, he’s pretty scared of it too.
We’ve been nervously choosing our seats at this church for a month now.
Each time getting less and less nervous.
We’re meeting people.
All kinds of people.
And that’s the best.

2 thoughts on “SWEATY PALMS.

  1. I totally can relate. When I moved to a new city to live after college, church searching made pretty nervous. I'm pretty shy and I don't always know what to say when I'm the “new person”. I hope you continue to enjoy this new church!


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