In all her clown, ancient Jesus pictures, and table that takes up the entire room glory.
This little gem is the classroom I’ve been given to start our center’s PreKindergarten program.
I may have made Josh practice saying “PreKindergarten” instead of “Preschool”.
All of which trump the dreaded “daycare”.
The transformation from primarily Sunday School classroom to primarily Pre-K classroom is in full effect.
New packages arrive almost daily.
That huge table has already been replaced by a much smaller, more appropriate one.
We’ve added a new shelf, a new rug, and I’ve been a printing and laminating nut for two weeks.
All for one day.
Friday, February 14.
The day our licensing rep. comes to tell us, “Yes!”
Then those nine sweet four and five year olds can finally enjoy their new classroom.
Their new, clown free, classroom.

3 thoughts on “HERE SHE IS

  1. What a cute room! I do have to say I'm not such a fan of clowns (and was a little unsure that you liked it for a second, haha) but I'm glad you've got your own classroom and I'm excited to see the final product! 🙂

    And oh goodness, don't even get me started about the daycare thing! It drives me a little nuts when people think we just “play all day” at work and get paid for it. But that's anther rant for another day, right? 🙂


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