We’re home.
And today that means the Vaught homestead.
With the Weeks here too.
My momma is one happy lady right now.
And it is so sweet to be here.
While making the drive home {from home} we encountered this mysterious thing called black ice.
We knew it’d be slick – rain with freezing temperatures and warnings from concerned parents.
And it was night.
So we were being cautious.
But the roads looked perfectly clear. 
Not even wet from rain.
Then our car moved.
Wind? Right.
That’s exactly what it felt like.
Five minutes later it moved again.
This time sideways, then the other way, then finally ending in the ditch.
It’s funny {and terrifying} how everything in those moments played in slow motion.
How I can vividly remember my husband hopelessly steering the car.
And thinking so clearly of how we needed to move the car in case someone else slid in that spot.
How I just wanted to say, “I love you, I love you, I love you.” to that man who was so calm throughout the whole thing.
And not only five minutes later my mind is reeling with how things could have gone.
Our car could have been stuck in the middle of the highway. 
There could have been more than one car around us.
On and on the thoughts pour in.
And my heart pounds louder and louder.
But then I think of God’s grace.
Those things didn’t happen.
And we’re alive for a reason.
And one more thing.
 I have never been more thankful to be sitting in this cozy living room with my handsome husband and this family.

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