FRIDAY’S FIVE | 1.24.14

This week has flown by.
Having Monday off probably helped.
Extended weekends where the Josh Morris is off are always a good time.

Monday this week was spent trying to keep J from getting sick, trying to enjoy the nice weather, and trying out new photography tips because…
Josh nudged me to go ahead and purchase my very own real life camera.  It’s something that’s been on my “maybe someday but probably never gonna happen” wish list.  And with one moment, that boy made my dreams come true. I have no professional {or even “artistic”} aspirations. At all.  But I have always loved capturing everyday moments.  And now those moments will be just a little bit clearer.  Also, after taking this picture I had to consult the Google: “How to store camera in camera bag.”
Noob if I ever saw one.

Since having a “grown up” job with steady income.  And our life is not living off student loans anymore.  And we have an enormous list of things we want to save for.
3-6 months of our expenses dropped into our savings account
demolishing student loans
a new {to us} car
We decided to bite the bullet and make {and stick to} a budget. A good tip from my sister-in-law was to “budget to zero” – meaning make all your money go somewhere.  And not just to Target. Har har.
So for the month of January {which is not included in our budget} we listed out every purchase and categorized them.
Yes, I realize there are apps for that. 
Find me one that is as simple as writing it down.
And that you get to use color coded highlighters for.
Then, just like that, we made all our money for February “go somewhere”.
Whether it’s to the savings account, to the grocery store, or coffee shop.
It’s somewhere.
J and I have never been budget people.
So we’ll see how February goes!

Those little boogers in Preschool.  Their germs have spread. And that tickle {pain} in my throat is telling me that sickness is not far away.  After work Thursday the only food that sounded good was tomato soup.  So that’s just what I had.  And a warm cup of green tea with honey and lemon.  

Word of movement for my Pre-K classroom has started! The Sunday School teacher is hopefully re-organizing her things into a new location and Josh’s help putting together furniture has been requested.  Then it’s a waiting game until licensing can approve the room.  In the meantime I’ve been making lists.  And putting together my binder.  Complete with labels as tabs.  Cliche, I know.  Organization is a beautiful thing.
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4 thoughts on “FRIDAY’S FIVE | 1.24.14

  1. If it makes you feel better, I still am constantly googling how to use all of the crazy manual setting on my camera. Every time I go out on a walk to practice, I have a new setting that I'm trying out.


  2. Organization is my love language. Not really, but I cannot help myself from organizing stuff when I have a free moment. That, and the feeling after you've finished cleaning? A-mazing!

    Also, I get what you mean about budgets and germs. I have a tickle in my throat, too right now. Here's to getting rid of those germs! And as for budgets, I've been trying to make one, too. I have one in my mind mentally, but need one for my spending for fun budget. 🙂


  3. I feel like budget-to-zero is a good way to be intentional about where you want your money to go (it tends to go to lattes instead of 401Ks), but it also could mean discouragement when you have to take away money for a small, unexpected expense. We have a very small part of our budget that is just left for the month to use as needed. So maybe budget to $30? 🙂 If it isn't used, you get to decide where you want that little extra to go.


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