Ours was a quiet morning.  We bought much needed groceries, including the impulse buy of Rhode’s cinnamon rolls, which were delicious.  Warm and gooey with no cleanup? Cream cheese icing? Yes.  We then went on a series of adventures – looking for a place for J to get some studying done.  He was planning on spreading it out through the weekend but ended up getting really sick Saturday and Sunday.  We’re blaming this one on New China.  Yep. Cheap Chinese food is never a good idea. I would know because I did not partake in the New China. Winner. 
We drove to the park, put up the hammock, then decided it was still too chilly in the shade.  So we decided to go to Hebrews for tea.  J started to feel sick again though so back to home it was.  He napped, felt better.  Then we headed to our friends’ apartment for movies and games.
J and a few of our friends work at different residential homes.  J’s job is more for income while the others are within their career fields.  I have the greatest admiration for them.  I hear the stories.  Stories that will make you cry and steam with anger at the life these kids are thrown into.  
And 99% of the time it seems to come back to parents that aren’t being parents.  That’s the part that makes you angry.  It’s almost like these kids were set up to fail because of their parents allowing poor influences into their lives, abusing them, or just pure neglect.    
Our friend Nicky watched the film Short Term 12 at her work.  It’s based off a real facility and the whole time Nicky and Josh were saying how similar this was to their work environment.  The film is pretty “vulgar” {which they say is also very accurate} but it was moving.  And has really stirred Josh and I into thinking about fostering/adopting one day.  I’m pretty sold. Kids need real parents. Not perfect.  Just real.
And afterwards.  
We, of course, played Catan.
And Josh, of course, won.
Little booger.


  1. Working in residential homes is tough stuff. I've known of people who work in similar situations and it's hard stuff. And like you said, it really is about parenting (or lack thereof). It's so hard to see kids who are suffering because of things they aren't in control of. Oh goodness, it breaks my heart just thinking about it. And like you said, it's also one of the reasons why I want to foster and/or adopt someday! And when you said real parents instead of perfect ones? YEP. Loved that. 🙂

    Sounds like a lovely weekend–with lovely photos, too! I'm definitely craving cinnamon rolls now. 🙂


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