-where are you seated-

If we are in Springfield then it’d have to be Hebrews Coffee.  I would probably give a few options, but secretly want you to pick the best – Hebrews.  And I’m thinking one of those side tables in the middle – surrounded by others studying or engaged in their own coffee shop dates.  I have a deep love for coffee shop atmosphere. And coffee.

-what are you sipping/munching on-

I’d have to go with their Chai latte and cinnamon roll.  They’re the best.  Homemade with cream cheese icing. 

-what do you want to get off your chest first-
We would probably ask the all encompassing question, “So, how’s life?” I would suggest that you should go first.  Because I’m a far better listener than talker.  But since we’re such close friends, I’d have no trouble telling you what’s really on my heart.

It’d be teaching. And the joy the prekinders bring.  And the fears I have about loving these kids and their families well. And about being a good co-worker.  And how sometimes I let my frustration get the best of me. And how I’m really working on being patient with even the hard to love ones.
Then Josh.  How hard he works and how he is constantly putting my needs before his own.  It’d be hard to have a conversation without talking about how much I love being married to him.

-if you could choose anyone who would you have coffee with-

Oh goodness.
Old roommates, friends, family, new blog friends.
All of them!
One at a time of course.

-what is inspiring you lately-

Kiki’s words and photography,
my sister’s Pinterest board,
 and Spurgeon’s writings.

-what are your plans after coffee-

To hug my sweet friend!
Then I think I’ll stay and read for a while.  I love quiet moments where I can sit in the company of other coffee shop goers and finally finish this book.

In Its Time

5 thoughts on “IF WE WERE HAVING COFFEE…

  1. Oh goodness, I loved this coffee date. 🙂 You already know this, but I so wish we lived closer so we could exchange stories! The whole patient with the loved ones? Yep, story of my life. That's something I've been trying to focus on lately. I'm sure you've seen this pin before, but I came across it and it's now my teaching philosophy. It goes like this, “the children who need the most love will ask for it in the most UN-loving ways.” Good stuff, right? Good but tough stuff.

    Also, girl, you inspire me! I forgot to link it to your blog (I fixed it not too long ago, I think!) but you were the one I'm most inspired by when it comes to sharing teacher stories. 🙂

    Thanks for the coffee date and for linking up!


  2. Kiki's photography inspires me too! I loved her's and Amy's idea for The Circle's coffee date ! What a noble prayer to serve your students and their families better. And what a beautiful thing to always have something sweet to say about your husband!


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