HIGH FIVE | 1.17.14

We found this steal after Christmas at Starbucks and have been enjoying it lately.  $3 to try all new teas? Yes.
My favorite Easter treat is out.
Take that Peeps.
My long-time best friend, Farren, is engaged! Seriously, check out how he proposed.  I can’t watch it without crying!  I had the privilege of wedding dress shopping with her the past two days.  It is so fun to watch her try out which ones she likes and even dislikes.  I remember how stinking stressful this decision was and I have to say – I’m thankful to not be in those shoes anymore!
{I just love her families comments in the background!}
Also, I have another engaged friend!  Tis the season, ya know! 😉
She already has her dress and let me tell ya – these two are going to be stunning brides.

After trying on dresses we went out for some much needed dinner.  It was so fun to catch up with these ladies and I am hoping it will happen much more often!

That sneaky husband of mine has something up his sleeve…
He couldn’t even hold it in this time.  He spilled! 
It’s kind of a “first job, first paycheck, I’ve really been wanting this” gift.
And I am so excited!

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