It snowed all weekend here in Southwest Missouri. And nothing scares Midwesterners more than a few inches of snow and five degree weather. I happen to be one of those Midwesterners.  I, like most, prefer my snow from the comfort of my blankets, hot cocoa, and sofa.  Monday came with a glorious Snow Day! email.  Another day of staying in.  Well. Not really.  We had been cooped up all weekend so we braved the snow for some all day coffee shop sitting.  Then Tuesday came – school was in session. I was prepared to go.  I would leave 45 minutes early to drive 10 miles per hour – because that’s how we Midwesterners drive in the snow.  Safety first.  Then, that super-hero of a husband I have volunteered to drive his {strong, independent} wimpy wife to work.  It was fun to spend the extra 45 minutes with J and to walk out the door after work to that handsome man.  
Selfless man that Josh Morris is.


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