HIGH FIVE | 1.10.14

Taking advantage of the fact that selfie is the Oxford Word of the Year.
The JoMo setting up the epic game of Settlers.  Our collections is borderline nerdy.
I found some {much needed} coffee during my lunch break at work.
It lived up to workplace coffee.
Next time I won’t be a scaredy cat and just get some from the director’s office. 
I blamed J for losing my One Line a Day journal that I’ve had for three years now and had been lost for months.
He looked high and low for that sucker.
And found it in the couch cushions.
Where, honestly, I was probably writing in it last.
Apologies, apologies, forgive me pleeeeeeease?
Once a month our center has a family night where all the families come for dinner and a guest speaker.  It’s one of the many reasons I love my job – connecting with the families.  Thursday was my first family night and I spent my 45 minutes between work and dinner reading at Starbucks.  It was a long day – but I was thankful for the brief moment of peace and rest.

One thought on “HIGH FIVE | 1.10.14

  1. I think I'll also be a “scaredy cat” if I have to get some coffee from our director's office. For some reason, I think that he'll counting every cup that I'll be getting from time to time. Hehe! Why didn't they place the coffee machine in the pantry? I believe more workers will be comfortable enough to give themselves a soothing coffee break if they can get the drink at the pantry. 🙂

    Catherine Anderson @ OfficeCoffeeFruitAndMore.com.au


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