Those kiddos have just been taking it easy on me the past few days.  Because today instead of seven preschoolers there were fourteen sweet, beautiful, rambunctious 3-5 year olds.  That is a wide age gap – easily detected by nap time. The three year olds are conked out, while the four and fives toss around on their cots or run around the room. Craziness.  A million times today I was asked, “Can I sit on your lap?” which, to anyone who remotely tolerates children is cute. I get it. But when you have 13 other kids you are looking after – it’s just not possible.  So I say, “I can’t right now…but I’ll take a big hug!” and try to move along.  
By the end of the day I was wondering how many times I had said, “Hands off, please.” {referring to children attempting to hit/pinch/poke someone or toss pretend coins down the vent} or “You need to lay down on your cot.” 
 It had to be hundreds.
But with all of that, there’s beauty. This crazy day taught me one thing – these 14 kiddos are learning how to live.  They’re learning how to put others first.  How to solve problems without hitting classmates {or teachers}.  And how to become readers, artists, scientists, and writers.
Even if it’s messy.

3 thoughts on “WORN

  1. I love this, it make me miss when I was working more at the daycare… constantly saying “keep your hands on your own bodies.” But it is so beautiful knowing you are helping invest in how these little guys see life.


  2. 3-5 is definitely a huge age gap so I feel ya, girl. It's a crazy age gap, but like you said, there is so much beauty to be seen (or found on those hard days). 🙂 There's so much learning and growing that I all too often forget but am so grateful to witness and experience. Aren't the preschool years amazing?

    Anyway, I also just wanted to tell you that I looove and am inspired by your ability to write about teaching so easily. I think I need to start doing that now! 🙂


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