Today I didn’t walk more than one step outside our apartment door.  Our church cancelled this morning.  And there was no getting out in this wintry blizzard.  J and I snuggled up for a few episodes of our most recent television extravaganza (don’t ask what it is…it’s embarrassing.) Then we decided to get up, wash those blasted dishes, and invite our neighbor and friend Jake over for a game of Catan. J recently purchased his third expansion (ridiculousness) so we decided to try them all out today.  It was seriously more fun than the original – even though the explanation of the rules took longer than playing the game.  We put our ingredients together and we found out we had enough to make a few chicken tenders and some homemade mac n’ cheese. Mmm. Comfort.  Later on we figured out we had enough combined ingredients for chocolate chip cookies. Which are baking in the oven as I type these dwindling words.
We’re enjoying our first weekend off and home.  And, thanks to this snow/ice/cold, I don’t have school tomorrow.
Which makes for another lazy day.
Maybe I can talk Josh into making a snowman. 😉 


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