My “blog feed” – ya know, that reel that hosts all the blogs you skim/read was filled with farewells to 2013.

The highlights of a great {or not so great} year are being reflected upon as we welcome the year 2014.
To be honest, I barely read other’s highlights. 
But I have loved looking back at mine from 2012 so I most definitely want to remember the majors of 2013.
Sharing life with the Lighthouse roommates.

Certainly not the easiest time of life – but it is incredible how that year and the Lord has shaped each girl living in the house.  
Planning a wedding while in school.

Thankfully this was not a difficult task.  My school load was light and I had a lot of free time on my hands.  Even better was that I had a whole month home with my mom to do the hard-core planning.
Along with planning the logistics of our wedding, J and I spent a significant amount of time preparing for marriage.  Reading through the book Sacred Marriage with Jane and meeting with the Hughes are treasures of this time.
Becoming Mrs. Morris

Relishing in the finality of plans and soaking in this all-important day that marks the beginning of our lifetime as husband and wife.
I love the simplicity of our day.
The helpfulness of so many.
The friends and family we were able to hug.
And the smiles that were beaming on our faces.
I love this man.

Also, spending a week relaxing and enjoying my husband in beautiful Mexico.

Settling in to our new home.
It’s hard to remember a time when our living room looked this full and empty at the same time.
The walls were bare, the floors full of “Josh and Rachel” things, and my sweet husband ordering a pizza for our long night ahead.
These newlywed moments I savor.
We had so much free time on our hands. 
Trips to visit family and friends visiting us were not rare – and we loved it.

Student Teaching
The eight weeks I spent with nineteen preschoolers and next eight weeks I spent with twenty third graders will always hold a special place in my heart.
There was laughter, learning, and yes, crying from time to time after a trying day with third graders.
But it shaped me as a teacher. 
I was able to see what it was really like – day in and day out.
And I loved it more than I thought I would.
{Especially those preschoolers.}
Graduating from Missouri State University.

Something I thought was not a big deal to me but I ended up enjoying that day so much.
Both J and I’s parents and sister were there.
I loved it.
The “I made it.” feeling definitely hit sitting in an arena with a thousand other graduates.
And two days later receiving an incredible opportunity.

I could not have asked for a better opportunity than the one I’ve been given.
The job “hunt” was stressful.
Waiting on phone calls and emails.
Questioning, “Did I say the right things in the interview?”
I am a preschool teacher.
And I am so excited to begin this journey on Thursday.
Twenty-thirteen was a beautiful, life-changing, and sweet year.
And I am so thankful to be ringing in the new year and many new years to come with my handsome husband.


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