It was the most beautiful drive to Sedalia yesterday.
A last minute – Josh has to work on Christmas and the realization hit that I will be alone for most of the day so, “Can I see my parents?”
To which he rapidly and lovingly replied, “Yes, of course.”
Sweet, sweet boy.
So J and I started our own Christmas traditions yesterday morning.
We opened our simple gifts, drank hot chocolate, devoured oddly shaped pancakes, and watched Christmas with the Kranks.
It was a joy – simply the two of us, slowly soaking in the morning.
Savoring the peacefulness of it all.
Then as Josh began to get ready for work, I packed up a few books and he kissed me goodbye.
I understand the reality of some people working on Christmas.
I was thankful for the gas stations that were open so that I could make the two hour drive.
And I know these kids are thankful {or maybe will be one day…} that J was working.
But it still just kinda stinks, ya know?
I arrived in Sedalia in time for a plate of brunch goodies and the chance to see my Mom’s side of the family – including the two year old Molly who brings so much laughter, joy, and energy to our conversations.
She is truly, “a hoot”.
We played games, watched TED talks, and chatted till it was time to go home.
And what a cozy home it is.

2 thoughts on “CHRISTMAS 2013

  1. I'm sorry Josh had to work :/ that really would be such a bummer. Sounds like you guys made the best of it. That's the best part of Christmas, I think – the peace. Merry belated Christmas!


  2. I'm so glad you were able to enjoy the day both with Josh and with your family at different times of the day. What a blessing that your family lives near enough to take a day trip to visit. 🙂


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