Goodness gracious, it’s been a whirlwind.
We were at my parent’s last weekend with H&T to celebrate Christmas.
We were back in Springfield for Josh to work a few days, then all of a sudden, we’re on the road again.
To Batesville to visit J’s parents and sister.
We’ve been able to have a fairly long visit – Friday through this Tuesday.
But it sure is hard getting used to the fact that I won’t be waking up to the sound of Mom’s slippers on the hardwood floor, Amy Grant Christmas softly playing on the old school stereo, and a nice slice of cream cheese coffee cake to enjoy while opening stockings.
Vaught traditions.
While in Batesville we’ve been playing way too much Settlers of Catan, eating way too many treats (folks like to bake/make their pastor lotsย of treats), and doing a ridiculous amount of relaxing.
Which is much needed.
This evening we went through Batesville’s park lights by the river and it was just perfect.
I can remember driving through Sedalia’s park with my aunt and uncle as children and just being enthralled with the lights.
It’s almost this innocence – “How do they do it?”
Now it’s a conscious effort to just enjoy and not think about the logistics.
The weather was very chilly and my sweet husband looks as though this is torture – which in his book it just might be.



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