J and I were gratefully given a few gift cards for “restaurants we probably wouldn’t go to on our own budget”.  One from my grandparents {which we are saving for our next date!} and one from my parents.  We used one of these to celebrate my employment on Tuesday. 
And it was so good.
Even filling out paperwork for this job is exciting. I couldn’t sleep the night before. And I couldn’t get it done fast enough.  Josh teased me for reading the handbook so thoroughly. I’m thankful I have a job I can be so excited about.
While perusing the aisles of Hobby Lobby. A dangerous pastime, I know.  I spotted these photo albums with little pockets and an adorable set of inserts that go with them.  I love documenting this silly life and love the permanence of a physical, printed picture.  My mom has a cedar chest full of photo albums.  One for each year from 1988-2013.
I want at least a little taste of that for our future children.
Josh and I are joyously living our Christmas break days.  Yesterday we made the trek halfway across town to St. George’s.  Morris vote for best donuts. And we know our stuff.
Yesterday we scoped out a local used book store and I stocked up on several children’s books. I want my preschoolers to have an excellent library, filled to the brim with good books. While on a budget, this is tricky.  But I am thankful for used book stores and a few donations from my childhood library.


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