Those little boogers at MSU.
My name has been changed on university paperwork since July but apparently they only write down the name you put on that “Intent to Graduate” form.
Thankfully it was the easiest name change I’ve ever gone through.
Simply scratch out, and rewrite.
This huge arena of people was completely overwhelming and exhilarating.
I was so thankful to be sitting with my classmates.

Throughout the entire commencement Heather was sending me commentary.
I laughed so hard at these text messages.
And then wished I would have had my phone during the ceremony.
I love the commotion and calmness of this photo.
I’m sure Dad was just snapping a million photos and happened to capture this one.
It completely sums up the moment right after graduating.

And finally, this incredible family I have.
They braved the snowy weather to sit through two hours of talk for one little girl to graduate.
I love them.
And I was so happy to spend time with them.
We celebrated pretty hard afterwards with a cookie sundae from Cheddar’s.
We were able to have breakfast with J’s parents the next morning before they headed back to Batesville and we headed for Sedalia for Vaught Christmas.
Ohhh busy, beautiful weekend!

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