After long, agonizing weeks of not hearing from the “nanny family”, a job which I thought was practically mine, I got thee phone call.  You know the, “It was really close but we went with someone else” one.  I was so proud of myself for not crying and something inside of me was just ok with it while I was on the phone. I truly wanted this family to have someone that was a good fit for them.  But sill, hearing that I wasn’t the one – rejection – just isn’t fun.  

But it is worth growing from.  Because of rejection I can affirm that my identity is not in what job I hold or who I work for but in Christ.  I am confident that He is graciously guiding me into the perfect position.

And I can run to Him, with my desires and the pain of rejection.  Lay them before His feet and trust that He is the planner of my life.

And I am so excited to see what he has planned.  I can already see ways that He’s moving.  The same day that I received that phone call, I had turned in an application to a child and family development center.  My friend, Victoria, had sent me a text message last week saying they might have an opening and that I should apply.  My thinking was that I pretty much already had a job nannying so I wasn’t even going to apply.  I explained my situation to Victoria and she said, “Just apply anyways.”  While perusing the internet, doing some light research just to see what this center was like, I became more and more interested.  I decided to apply Monday after my final student teaching meeting at Missouri State.  Resume in hand, I filled out the application right then and there and was even able to meet the director.  I was immediately impressed with her politeness and just all around sweetness.  This is the type of woman I would be comfortable working with – in hindsight, a feeling that was never felt with the nanny family, even though they were incredibly nice and easy going.  Monday happened to be the same day that I received the rejection phone call from the nanny family.  Even before answering I was conflicted on which job I really wanted.  Thankfully, they made it pretty easy.

Wednesday I received a phone call from this sweet director, inviting me to come in for an interview.  I almost couldn’t hold back my excitement as I told her all the days I was available.  I knew I wanted to come back right away.  I offered Thursday morning and she said that it would be perfect.  

So Wednesday became “Interview Prep” night.  I researched some questions, wrote down those responses that I can seem to come up with so quickly in the shower or while doing dishes, and finally did even more research on the center. I went to sleep feeling prepared, and dare I say, confident.  Interview tip:  Do your research, it pays off.  Not only in the interview {it shows that you know a little bit about what you’re getting into} but also for yourself.  I felt like I knew this was a position and center that I would be passionate about.  Their mission statement aligned with my philosophy and I was so excited to learn even more about this little place.

After the interview this morning, I can’t help but be excited about this position and this working environment.  I feel like I have to keep myself from being so excited, from pinning so many preschool ideas, and from screaming, “I want this job!” Because I really want this job.  
For now, the waiting.
During this time of waiting I’m choosing to trust in the Lord’s plans.  To know that the director is going to make a wise decision.  And that I will end up exactly where I should be.
The director will talk to the board, and then I get a phone call.
And I’m hoping it will be thee call. 


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