Although we are on a skimpy budget, we found a little wiggle room to buy small gifts for our families.  We still have one to get but for the most part they are wrapped and ready to go. I love seeing those brown paper packages under our little tree.  Josh keeps asking “Where’s mine?” but I’m not fooled.  They are hidden in super secret places for now.  I know he’s a snoop. 
It started last Thursday and has hung around all week.  I love that I haven’t had to drive much so I can enjoy the view and stay cozy and warm inside.  I don’t love that they’re calling for snow/ice tomorrow. I want the fam here for graduation!
This week off of school has been wonderful. We’ve had several coffee dates just this week.  I’ve also been sleeping in even past the time when Josh Morris wakes up.  Winner.
Wednesday I spent most of my evening preparing for my job interview that took place Thursday morning.  I’m feeling confident and hopeful.  And mostly just in love with this child and family development center.  My prayer throughout this entire “job search” has been that the Lord will lead me to where I need to be during this season of life.  And the one thing I’ve learned is that my plans aren’t always the greatest.  And that is a wonderful thing!
These days I’ve been skipping the coffee and enjoying a nice cup of chai tea.  
It’s been a favorite in my slow morning routine this week.
Little bit of sugar, cream, and vanilla.
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3 thoughts on “HIGH FIVE FOR FRIDAY | 12.13.13

  1. I finished my semester this week!! YAY! Isn't no school just wonderful?!
    And snow?! I live in arizona and have been loving everyone's snow pictures!!! found you from h5ff!


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