It wasn’t even November when Josh spotted a gingerbread kit at Neighborhood Market.  Of course, I enthusiastically agreed. And it has rested in our basket for a good month now.  Just waiting for the perfect opportunity to be iced together and decorated with cheap candy.
That perfect opportunity was Monday.
No work for J so as soon as I got home we headed to Target for some ornament shopping.
Growing up my family would visit the Christmas tree farm {nope – not even Walmart or Lowe’s}, cut down the “perfect” one, put it on top of the minivan, mom and dad quipped over dragging in the tree, setting it in the stand “just right”, and then vacuuming up the hundreds of needles. We had a plastic tote filled to the brim with ornaments that had been collected over the years.  Some made from paper plates and salt dough, most were yearly gifts ranging from “Baby’s First Christmas” to “New Driver”.  It’s memorable.  Meaningful.  And I love it.
And it’s perfect when you have kiddos. Our future children will more than likely receive special ornaments {especially knowing their grandmother} and knowing their mother they will probably make a few on a diy whim.  
But for now, we have the most perfect tree.  Josh’ OCD tendencies are calmed by the coordinating colors and my childhood longing for a “themed” tree is met.  
I am so excited to continue this “Josh and Rachel” tradition of watching Christmas movies, setting up our tree, drinking hot chocolate, decorating, rearranging the decorations, and finally, making our sweet gingerbread houses. 
And it’s just beginning!

One thought on “TRADITIONS

  1. <3 What perfect Christmas traditions! I like themed trees too but also love kid/meaningful ornaments. I've told Nate that once we have kiddos we're going to have to have two trees. :-)


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