Today was my last day.
The last day of student teaching.
The last day of my college career.
I almost can’t believe it.
My sweet cooperating teacher and those cute third graders had a pizza party for me and showered me with a huge basket full of supplies for my future classroom. And bonus – it iced and snowed so we had an early out!  They each also wrote me a letter and read it to me. Oh my. It was the sweetest thing. I have come to love those third graders like nothing else.  I want them to succeed in life. I want them to work hard to have good character and to not get caught up in the cycle of lying/cheating/stealing that goes on in their lives. And hearing their sweet words made my heart swell with love and maybe a little laughter.  Because sometimes you forget how innocent and straight up cute third graders are.  They seem so big.  But they’re just a big group of sweet nine year olds. With the kindest and encouraging words for this student teacher.
I love and cherish every single letter, but that would overload this internet thing.  So I’ll keep my book of letters and share just a few that are guaranteed to brighten your day.

While I will miss these third graders dearly, I am so looking forward to graduation and seeing what life after college will look like.
So far I am still waiting to hear back from a nanny position that I’m crossing my fingers for.  They are such a sweet family, my favorite ages, and the job would line up perfectly with my goals for this year and with our timeline.  
But I’ve been constantly reminded to trust in the Lord. 
And that he will have me just where I need to be.



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