J came through the door at 10:30 Thanksgiving night and we threw our bags into the back of his truck and headed South.
Well west, then south.
We made it to the hotel around 1 and I passed out as soon as my head hit that extra firm pillow. 
J’s sister was needing a new phone so we went “Black Friday” shopping at about 8 o’clock Friday morning at the Sam’s Club.
It wasn’t busy.
At all.
I was a little bummed.
I was ready to beat off the crowds.
Or sneak through and laugh at the ridiculousness.
Over the long weekend we did lots of shopping, good eating, napping, and playing way too much cards.
No complaining over here.
I love all of those things.
We also enjoyed hotel waffles to the max.
And had several interesting elevator rides.
And took pictures of ourselves while waiting for that elevator.
Here, I caught Josh making sure he looks good before hitting the lobby breakfast.
He’s so cute.
{Nap #5}
Josh has had Beats headphones on his wish list for at least two years.
His wish was fulfilled this weekend.
I must say,
they’re pretty amazing.
This is our little niece, Lila Mae.
Her giggles are the sweetest.
While {late} Black Friday shopping.
We’re talking like 11 o’clock here.
And J’s Mom and Dad were buying a new tree so they decided to throw one in for us.
It was a pretty sweet deal.
And it made me so excited for Christmas in this Morris house.
There were so many things to get!
A tree skirt {I bought this fabric in hopes of “diy-ing’ one. We’ll see how it goes!}, ornaments, a topper, and the countless other Christmas decor items.
While shopping with the three other Morris women, we were given a legit free $20 gift card to the mall.
I’m a skeptic by nature so I was just going to pass, but when my eyes saw those gift cards and all I had to put down was my email address – I was sold.
You can always unsubscribe later right?
I decided on a “splurge” item – a delicious and warm smelling candle that will be perfect for this winter.
As most weekends with family do, the weekend was over before we knew it.
Graduation is in eight whole days.
Which will reunite both sides for at least one night.
And that will make for one very thankful Rach.


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