This Thanksgiving day we awoke to Mr. and Mrs. Weeks in our living room. They both started out on the air mattress, then turned to one on the couch, one on the sunken in air-matress.
My sweet husband amazed me from the time we got up to the time he had to leave for work.
{And honestly still amazed me that he had to work on a holiday.}
He joyfully helped me peel five pounds of potatoes, made room for two tables to be brought into our living room, did dishes with me, and just kept me calm all day.  
I am thankful for that Josh Morris.
And for our very first married Thanksgiving.
Or Thanksgiving together at all really!
Mom and Dad arrived about 10 o’clock and the real cooking began.
Actually the real reheating began.  Mom had already deliciously cooked almost everything.
I proudly made the mashed potatoes {which were vowed to never be made again}, green beans, and pumpkin pie.
Then, our friend Jake came over from next door.
Poor guy has to work tomorrow so he wasn’t able to come home.
And the feasting began!
I loved our tiny apartment filled with conversation, laughter, and some of my favorite people on Earth.
Shortly after eating J had to head to work and the boys began on the massive amount of dishes.
Mom, Heather, and I cleared up the living room and relaxed on the couch.
Our work was done!
The Book Thief was playing at one of our theaters and since Dad had read the book a few years ago we thought it’d be a good idea to see together.
It was superb.
Recently I’ve really enjoyed seeing movies in the theaters and this one was one of my favorites this year.
Our whole row was in tears during several moments in the movie.
And not for a sappy, cheesy, romantic kinda cry.
The real kind.
Can’t think about it without welling up with emotion.
We returned from the theater, packed up the cars, and then said goodbye to Heather and Timothy.
They have a longer drive back and Heather has to be at work early tomorrow for Black Friday at her job.
Dad and Mom stayed and we chatted for about another hour before their departure.
If I haven’t said it enough, I love those two.
I love talking with them, I love doing nothing with them.
And I still cry every time they leave.
Like I’m 18 year old Rach again, pulling out of the driveway to drive to college.
Josh has come to realize this and handles it very well.
I just turn on What Not to Wear or take a shower to keep my mind from thinking about it.
Right now we’re about five minutes from J’s arrival, throwing our bags into the back of his truck, and heading to Bentonville for the long weekend. His parents are in town and we are going to spend as much time with them as possible.
I’m about to find some caffeine or sugar because this time I will not fall asleep on the road.
Will not!

Also, Mom brought my Christmas tree from freshman year so I tried it out in the living room to surprise Josh with some Christmasness!
I love this time of year and am so thankful to spend it with both of our families.



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