Good, solid friendships mean a lot to Josh and I. That’s why having these ten people stand with us on our wedding day was so sweet.  These are not acquaintances or people that do not know us well.  They have been with us through different seasons of life and each one is so precious to us.
heather – my sister & matron of honor
loving emily
kelsey – who introduced me to the handsome josh morris

“the reds” – friend since fourth-grade farren and new sister amber

a modelesque and beautiful flower girl
the handsome and silly ring bearer
{whose outfit was designed (and made!) by his cutesy and creative momma}
josh’s brother and the cute ring bearer’s dad – keith
daniel – wife of kelsey, invited j over to play racquetball in the fall of 2010, thankfully
e.j. – when paired with josh and jeffrey can make you laugh till you pee
jeffrey – see above regarding laughter till peeing, and a deep down sweetheart

ryan – laughs at my jokes to make me feel better
It was a warm, June day and the two-year olds were done-zo with the picture taking so we all decided to put on our best crying faces and this is the result.

Gosh, these people truly are the best.


  1. I think the boys win with the crying faces 😉

    These photos are so beautiful! I love how vivid the colors are, and all the flowers and pretty dresses! Sighh…. 🙂 Love it!


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