1. Third graders go through a lot of pencils on the daily.
2. These poor kiddos have a lot of stress in their lives.
3. I held in all the tears I could.  Then yesterday, where all good crying takes place – the shower, I had to let the tears flow. And just accept that I can’t change the world, let alone these kids. All I can do is show them love and pray for their sweet souls.
4. Seven days left. I mostly see this number in, “Days until I get to sleep in while Josh gets up.”
5. I love teaching Science.

One thought on “TEACH ME | WEEK 6

  1. 1. those third graders are so lucky to have Miss Rachel.
    2. those tears shed for those children are blessed tears – your heart is beautiful and Jesus is waiting for you and your prayers.
    3. I love you
    4. I miss you. I would LOVE to be able to sit and talk with you for hours.


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