If you were to ask 18 year-old Rachel Vaught what she thought of Springfield, Missouri it would have been something like, “It’s such a big city!” Which is true. Especially when you’re from a town of 20,000.
 Springfield is the third largest city in Missouri. But, with its big population comes a lot of land. It’s not like St. Louis or Kansas City. It is still deeply rooted in ruralism. There is practically nothing “urban” about this city. So I was a little off.
Four years later and the “big cityness” has definitely worn off.  This place is a great city for college kids. There’s plenty to do {probably more if you enjoy the bar scene…Springfield likes its bars.} and it’s easy to get around here. 
If you were to ask Mr. and Mrs. Morris where they could live.
It probably wouldn’t be Springfield.
Ok, it definitely wouldn’t.
This isn’t “our city” by any means.
It’s just “this city”.
We are here.
We have our favorite places.
A lot of our friends are here.
But it’s not where we want to start a family or ahem, “settle down”.
If there is such a term for the Morrises.
Sometimes I find myself daydreaming about what city we’ll live in.
How amazing it will be.
How perfect it is.
And then I make myself come back to reality.
And to be thankful for where we are.
For this season.
And this city that for the next year, year and a half, we’ll call “home”.
Because even though some parts are pretty crummy, it’s still has some pretty great benefits.
Like Hebrews.
And plenty of movie theaters.
Even a cheap-o $3 one.
Yea…the parks!

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