4:15 Friday afternoon was a beautiful time. After collaboration I rushed to pack up my things at school, checked to make sure everything was ready for Monday, turned in my lanyard, and headed out the doors.  I spent some quality alone time, just relaxing in the apartment, then met up with Farren for coffee.  I love how we can sit in the coffee shop for three hours and not even realize how the time has gone by.  By the time I left Josh was already on his way home. 
Saturday morning we slept in, got ready, and decided to hit Hebrews for a little reading and breakfast.  They have a killer breakfast burrito complete with homemade salsa. 
The thought of my upcoming job interview was looming, making me not so hungry, but Josh can vouch for its deliciousness.

I have only encountered only one “job interview” in my lifetime. It was for CVS my freshman year and they were pretty desperate so I was offered right away. 
With a graduation date creeping up I put in my resume a few places {ok, like one} and received an invitation to meet a family to potentially be their nanny for their two kiddos. 
While I would love to be part of a school, teach with a team, and “have my own classroom” one day, this is just not that season of life. I know that our time in Springfield is not permanent in any sense and we do not consider this where we want to start our careers or start a family.
What I would love to do during this season is nanny full time for a family where I could build a strong relationship with both the children and parents – utilizing my degree and passion while not being in a school environment. 

So Saturday afternoon I dressed up in my best “professional yet casual” outfit, rehearsed about a thousand times things I never said, prepared my resume, and waited anxiously for 3:00 to meet this family.
And to be honest I don’t even know how it went. They seem like a wonderful, down to earth, and laid back family and the schedule would work perfectly for us both.
 Employers at a typical “business” are pretty used to the whole hiring process but both of us were new to it. Thinking back I should have had way more questions prepared {they thankfully were more than happy to fill me in on their life and expectations} and would have been more relaxed.
I was so stinking nervous.
It’s still fairly early and I can rest assured that my hope or joy is not dependent on this job.
Or any job.
After coming home from the sweatiest thirty minutes of my life I was ready to eat some food and just do something fun to take my mind off of my interview “regrets”.
Josh ordered me a pizza and we watched a movie on Netflix – which is rare – we usually use Netflix for its TV shows.
After the movie some friends of Josh’s from high school came by our apartment ready to do something exciting.
We had just finished watching “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas” {sheesh – talk about an emotionally taxing day…} so we glady gave in to the change of pace.
I’m not sure how it came about but Glow Golf came up and everyone was in.
We were by far the oldest participants at this indoor, glow in the dark mini golf course.

But honestly, it was pretty cool to do just once.
I probably wouldn’t pay $6 to do it again.
But it was a blast for the night.
Plus, a 12-year-old girl was having a birthday party there and the moms afterwards were practically shoving the cupcakes into our mouths.
After a good two hours at Steak-and-Shake, becoming friends with and nicknaming the waiter {although I think these guys could be friends with a hammer}, and eating our fill of fries and Frisco sauce, it was time for bed.
Which brings us to Sunday morning.
And this moment that I file under the “Don’t Forget This” file.
Putting the alarm clock on snooze a few times and snuggling up with my husband while the autumn breeze blows through the window.
I love moments like this.
And it was a great Sunday.  Acustic worship, excellent teaching on Proverbs – how to pick a spouse and stick with your spouse, and only ten in our Preschool Sunday School. Top that off with lunch with the Potters at a new Chinese place and an surprisingly beautiful fall day.
Ah, goodbye weekend.
Hello, Monday and last full week of solo teaching.



  1. Sounds like such a great weekend!!! I can't wait to hear about what God does with work for you in this next season of life. To be honest, the nanny job I had for a year and a half was the worst job of my life so be sure you're picky about what family you're willing to work for. I'm sure there are situations that are great but there are also situations that are terrible!


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