Spending my nights reading chapter books and thinking of meaty questions for their book clubs.
At recess today another third grade teacher was asking me what I liked most about student teaching.
I love learning from my teacher, seeing how a “typical” school runs, and spending time planning and implementing lessons.
But what I love most is spending time with those third graders.
They’re little stinkers sometimes.
{Let’s talk about lying for a second…}
But they’re also incredibly funny, loving, tender-hearted, and just beautiful.
I struggled a lot with being firm or even “meanish” at times when the kids were not showing good character.
But I was reminded this week that me letting them slide or even letting them off easy isn’t helping them.
Not that I should be yelling or harping on them all the time.
But giving consequences for lying, cheating, being disrespectful is helping to shape their character and give them structure they might not be getting anywhere else.
So this week I’ve been working on setting my expectations for their behavior.
Intentionally giving them positive feedback for their work. 
Recognizing when they are working hard, and listening to instructions.
And hugging them a little tighter knowing my last few weeks are approaching.


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