This weekend we finally made it to ol’ St. Louis to visit the Weeks. They live in one of the coolest places I have ever seen. Their apartment and surroundings make you say, “Is this real life?” And even though I’ve grown up in Missouri I have never really seen St. Louis for what it is – you know, minus the “touristy” things. We passed by the Gateway Arch once on a family vacation growing up. Which by the way, they can see from the rooftop of their apartment. Legit.
  The buildings are filled with beauty and history perfectly intermingled. And we walked or took light rail almost everywhere we traveled on Saturday – which included delicious eats, museums, parks, coffee shops, and grocery stores. You know, all the necessities.
A “hop, skip, and a jump” to Pi Pizzeria, a Metro field trip, a quick stroll through glorious fall foliage, and a delicious home cooked meal by Mrs. Weeks – complete with ginger-soda and a kitten dispensing salad dressing.

Greek quizzing while dinner preparations were being made.

City Church visit, colorful leaves cluttering the sidewalks lining one of the most beautiful streets, and a really pretty {and happy} mamma.
And finally,
a nice glimpse of Morris, Vaught, and Weeks life.
These faces fill my life with sweetness.
It was so nice to spend a relaxing and yet exciting weekend with my side of the family. We are hopeful for Thanksgiving in which the Vaughts/Weeks will be joining us in Springfield and we will be traveling to see J’s parents and siblings.


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