This week I’ve been full on teaching three subjects – math, spelling, and reading.
Third grade is intimidating folks.
And challenging.
Each student is incredibly unique – from personality, character, and academic ability – they’re all so different which makes teaching each one a challenge that this inexperienced teacher is working hard to get better at.
I am ever appreciative to my amazing cooperative teacher.
I am so blessed to have her guide, correct, and encourage me.
Her encouragement {with me and with the students} is always specific.
For instance, instead of just saying, “You did great!” she says, “You did great on that lesson because…..” 
Changed my life.
My goal is to do this same thing with the student.
I want to avoid the, “Good jobs” and get on to the details.
We need to know what went well and what we need to work on.
I love that this teacher isn’t afraid to say, “Hey, let’s work on this together.”
I really feel like we are a team and that she is without a doubt on my side.
Today I blanked a little on a lesson and she seamlessly jumped in to support me without making me feel stupid or inferring it to the kids. She’s got my back.
Gosh, I just love her.
And I am amazed at how she can be firm, loving, and silly with the kids all in the same day.
I feel like I really have the fun and loving part down.
But with firmness I just have this fear that they’ll shut down.
But they won’t!
It’s all in how you say it and when.
All in all, I am learning every second here in third grade.
And I could write for days on those sweet kids and my teacher.
How did I get such amazing placements? 
And how in the world am I supposed to leave in four weeks?



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