Let’s get one thing straight.
There are natural born decorators.
And there are natural born copiers.
Just to clarify {in case it wasn’t obvious} I am a straight up copier.
If you see something “cute” in our house I have most definitely jacked that idea from somewhere or someone.
I define my style as, “Trying not to look like it’s straight from Hobby Lobby, personal, and clean cut with a touch of cutesy.”
Also, I love neutral mixing.
Nothing gets me like a little black and tan.
A few weeks ago I found some shelves I had been eyeing for months and they were on clearance for half off.  I sent my sweet husband a text message asking if I could purchase said shelves. He agreed! Let’s be real, our walls are like giant white canvases. 
I’m being optimistic here.
They’re big.
And empty.
Shelves would be the perfect “filler”.
And they are some pretty looking shelves.
Then the stressor became {and still is} what do I fill these shelves with?
I completely understand that interior decorating degree.
I would fail.
If anyone would like to do an internship at our apartment,
bring a million dollars and you’re talent and I will compensate you with no-bake cookies.
And I also made Josh Consult the Google {#CTG) on how to hang shelves.
He wasn’t impressed.
Or listening.
And I was confused.
And tend to take the long way on any project.
What takes normal people thirty minutes took us a solid two hours.
And lots of, “ARGGHHHH”s.
I can’t wait to put together a baby crib one day.
Har. Har.
Side note:  After printing out almost every single wedding picture {Ya know, in case of internet/computer/world failure} it would be important to have 300 pictures to lug around. But for reals, I just wanted them. Call me my mother but I like looking at the actual picture sometimes.  I decided to steal this idea from my oober creative and decoratively inclined sister. Just a photo box with a spray painted accent top. Genius. 

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