As we were admiring the beautiful fall weather and foliage we spotted a hot air balloon above the highway. It’s not everyday ya see one of these guys. We even passed our exit to get a better view.

Our latest TV show has been Raising Hope. It reminds Josh of Arkansas and is surprisingly witty. Anyways, they were playing Hungry Hungry Hippos and I was instantly brought back to my childhood. I loved this game growing up and would press that black lever like a crazy person. It will probably end up on this year’s Christmas List.

We have been running out of food ideas in the Morris home. Tacos are getting old and we are fairly picky eaters over here. Some more than others…cough, cough. However, I know that Josh loves roast and carrots. So I looked up the Pioneer Woman’s recipe and gathered the ingredients. I had all Sunday to prepare and roast and the PW did the unthinkable.  She let us down. Ok, she can’t take all the heat here. I’m not exactly the greatest cook in the world. Or maybe it’s just we are partial to a good Crock-Pot roast. Next time I’ll stick with momma’s recipe. Be expecting that phone call, Mom.
This weekend we were home-bodies. The only time we left our little apartment was to read and drink coffee, get some groceries, and to go to church. It was just what we needed. We were able to clean up our apartment after a week of work and school and to do a few decorating projects. Oh, and laundry. There is always laundry. Saturday night we had a group of friends over to have an, “All Night Movie Party” which ended up being a Raising Hope marathon with lots of sleep in between.


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