For us, the decision to have a first look could not have been more easy.  Our wedding was in the evening and the thought of spending more time without that handsome man than with him on our wedding day was just crazy.
We had the entire morning and early afternoon to get ready and spend quality time with the guys and gals. But at 2:00 sharp I was ready to see my groom.
Although I think we still would have chosen to have this special moment regardless of the time.
While the photographers, my sister, and J were getting everything just right at the location I remember waiting in the parking lot by the car and sweating like crazy.  There were several other cars there – our location for pictures was a state park and historic site which apparently had several visitors that fine June day.  They were taking forever to get set up so I moved from the sun by our car to some random museum goer’s car across the parking lot in the glorious shade.  Which was much more pleasant for me but I kept crossing my fingers that the owner of that car wouldn’t decide to leave at that point. 
“Oh hi, um, just hanging out in this parking lot wearing a casual white dress and carrying a handful of flowers.” 
Finally my sister emerged from behind the trees and I made one of the sweetest walks to my handsome groom.  I had to keep reminding myself to slow down so the photographers could get at least a few pictures of this moment.  
I love the time that just Josh and I had alone during this moment.
No family.
No friends.
Just us.
And smiles.
So many smiles.
And giggles.
And sweet forhead kisses.


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