Well the teachers joked. 
And I washed my hands, drank my water, and germ-x’d, but there’s no prevention for being around 20+ germy kiddos day in and day out.  Thursday morning I woke up feeling just awful. Head pounding, throat clammy, and burning up.  I checked to make sure I wasn’t running a fever, took some cold medicine, and brewed a cup of green tea for the road.  I could tell it was going to be a long day.  And it was.  I started feeling better throughout the day, but there’s just nothing like resting on the couch eating soup while you’re sick.  
Thankfully we didn’t have school on Friday so I was able to use this time to recuperate.  I ate lots of soup and drank lots of water and Sprite – which I’m not sure has any health benefits to the sickly – it’s just always what my Mom did to make us feel better.  
Another thankfully is that my Dad had Saturday off so they came for a visit.  I was feeling much better by this point but she brought some homemade chicken and noodle soup just in case.  It worked.  
My nose is still stuffy and my head sometimes feels like it’s about to burst.  But it’s not near as bad as Thursday. It was so sweet to visit with them {hopefully plan the next couple family visits – Thanksgiving, graduation, and Christmas} and even take them disc golfing.
In other teaching related news, 
I’m ready to face another week of third grade.
Bring on the multiplication. 
And those sweet third grader hugs {or high fives in the case of “tough” boys}.



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