Friday afternoon, right after school was out, we drove down a rainy I-44 to the sweet city of Bentonville.  We love this place.  The people, the sights, the places, the good food joints, all of it.  After we unpacked we enjoyed some pizza and a movie with Josh’s brother and his wife. It was the first time in a while where we weren’t rushing somewhere or distracted by homework/lesson planning/falling asleep.  Side note:  I have not been able to stay awake for an entire movie since August. I am old.
Saturday morning we watched a few cartoons and I was able to capture these two cuties engrossed in their Curious George.  Also, another random side note, I take the same amount of time to get ready as a momma and two kids.  I’ll have to work on that before having children or we will never make it to anything on time.  We grabbed coffee then headed down to the donut shop.  A tradition for the visiting Morrises. 
We are so lucky to be aunts and uncles to two of the cutest kids. 
After finishing our donuts we parted ways with the boys and headed to “craft fairs”.  Apparently this is a huge deal in Arkansas.  We only went to one venue – which was plenty overwhelming for a wannabe-crafter then we headed out to the real deal.  The most beautiful “antique”/crafty store ever.  Sometimes you go through antique stores and it’s all junk with maybe one or two gems.  This was all gems, practically no junk.  Heaven.  I could walk around there for hours.  But then I’d have to buy somethings.  So ya look quick and move on.  Plus, a two year old in a craft store is risky business. Curious George is starting to seem a lot like a two year old boy.
I’m realizing what a long day Saturday was. 
Because we’re only at like 12 o’clock.
Let’s speed things along.
After crafting the longboarding crew (Josh, Keith, Jeff, and Amber) and I headed to Fayetteville.  Them to the longboard shop and me to see my sweet Becca.
Catching up with her – talking about life, joy, struggles, everything always fills my heart.  Although our friendship has changed throughout the years (stranger, roommate, mentor) it is somehow always the same. She’s so full of joy and love for others and it’s encouraging to be with her.  I was able to spend most of Saturday with her – making Target runs to just browse, visiting her parents, eating dinner in downtown Fayetteville, getting coffee, and making a Walmart run for no-bake ingredients.  And toothpaste.  I also attended her church on Sunday.  P.S. This was the first night away from my sweet husband and it was great to be with Becca but my goodness it was not fun to be away from Josh.  Thankfully nights apart are few and far between. After church Josh came to pick me up and we were off on a hunt for a disc.   
The first store we looked at was closed.  Josh was pretty bummed.
Thankfully there are two other Lewis and Clark stores in Northwest Arkansas.  He was able to get the disc for super cheap and we were on our way to lunch with his brother and family.  I was so worn out from all of Saturdays adventures that I took a nice long nap that afternoon while the boys went longboarding.  When they returned we packed up our bags, played one last game of disc golf, loaded up on snacks for the drive back, and headed home.  We both breathed a sigh of relief when we were back in our tiny apartment.  We love visiting family, but it is sweet to be home.  

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